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Pipeline Information Management System

Pipeline Laying Management System is a web based solution, designed to monitor the construction progress on a real time basis. Data that is entered on daily basis is indexed using complex algorithms that leave no scope for discrepancies. Reports are generated in a telescopic format that helps to browse from the route map to details of each pipe laid. The solution is designed to provide real time information about pipeline laying progress during following three stages, Project Planning, Project Execution/ Construction, Operation & Maintenance.

Features :-

  • Web based access
  • Three tier security (access rights, encryption, login checks)
  • Hyperlinked scanned Inspection report with data entered.
  • Geo referencing of land data along the pipe line route.
  • Cross linking of surrounding landmarks with co-ordinates.
  • Data updation on a daily basis
  • Option to modify /edit alignment sheet.
  • Project information using dynamic setup.
  • Extensive decision making reports.
  • Printing and export of relevant data sheets, pipe  book, as built information.
  • Printing of graphical reports.

PIMS Module :-
  Construction Management
   • Activity Monitoring
   • Daily Progress Report
   • Real Time PipeBook
   • Crossing & Stations
   • Exceptions & QA Reporting
   • Compliance Reports
  Asset Management
   • Station Operation Manager
   • Line Maintenance Manager
   • Administration Manager
   • Disaster Manager
   • Analysis & Graphs
  Electronic Documentation
   • Document Tracking
   • Approval Status
   • Document Indexing
   • Geo referencing of land data along the
      pipeline route.
   • Scanning & Archiving
   • Search with Meta Data.
  Material Management
   • Order Planning
   • Order Tracking
   • Material Receipt
   • Material Issued
   • Material Reconciliation
   • Vendor Management
  GPS Referencing
   • Alignment Sheet Generation
   • Corridor Management
   • GPS Route Link
   • GIS Mapping & Digitization
   • Land Record Master

Document Approval & Control System
Engineering and document and drawing approval status are tracked using this module.
Features: -
 1. PIMS configures the Document/ Drawing list from the Document control log & Material Control Log.
        •  Document/Drawing Code
        •  Category
        •  Sub Category
        •  Document Name
        •  Proposed date of Creation
        •  Estimated date range of Internal Document Control
        •  Date range for Submitting to Client for comments
        •  Date range for Incorporating comments
        •  Date range for Issuing for approval
        •  Date of Approval (AFC),
 2. When a document/drawing is approved, it is scanned and attached.
 3. Exhaustive search and summary reports are generated.
 4. The document/drawing is uploaded as soon as its status is Approved.

Activity Scheduling & Monitoring System

Master activity scheduling supported with scope of work, march charts, s-curves, progress sheets are configured. Reports of planed versus actual are generated in real time from the actual progress input.
  PIMS configures the Document/ Drawing list from the Document control log & Material Control Log.
  • Daily Progress Report

 • Weekly Progress Report
 • Monthly Progress Report
 • 3 Months Look Ahead Schedule
 • 6 Weeks Look Ahead Schedule
 • Asking rate, percentage progress and cumulative progress
 • Last day work, average work for a period.

Corridor Management - Graphical

This graphical representation of the route has nodal points referenced against chainages for the following; SV/IP stations, turning points, crossings, KM posts, warning signs, city/town crossings and certain important landmarks. These points are hyperlinked to provide more details. Further click on a point gives descriptions like as date progress, digital videos of special sections, IP stations, View related pipe book page, related alignment sheet etc.

GIS-Referenced Alignment Sheet Generation

IMS has an in built alignment generation. All survey data is digitized which is used to generate the alignment sheets. During construction process, weld joints are indicated as red dots at the locations where they are welded. These joints display the weld number along with UTM coordinates and Pipe Cover.